Personnel search and selection: professional personnel search and selection according customers requirements in short term


Recruitment is the search and selection of candidates who have the qualities and skills that are necessary to implement current and long-term plans of the company.

For 30 years, ANCOR has been finding employees for our clients every day. During this time, we have tried all the possible tools to find the best candidates and developed our own approach, which consists of a set of methods and technologies. We start the search with our own Application Tracking system (ATS - Experium) – this program covers all the countries, and we provide services in and contains CVs of more than 5 000 000 candidates. In addition to the ATS (Experium), we search for people in targeted companies, in professional business communities, through networking, specialized exhibitions and seminars. We actively work with universities and use digital marketing as well.

ANCOR consultants have an average work experience of 5-year in recruitment. We are constantly developing the skills of our staff members by regularly teaching them new technologies.

ANCOR’s advantages:

  • In 30 years of work, we have developed the expertise in all markets and we are equally good at selecting sales managers for banking products, IT professionals and employees for pharmaceutical companies – in short, specialists of various levels in all areas of the economy.
  • We provide services to companies representing the TNP (production and sale of consumer goods), medicine & pharmaceuticals, retail & hospitality, in the agribusiness, automotive, metallurgy, oil & gas, energy, financial banking, IT/Telecom and others.

The results of our delivery often exceed the same performance of highly specialized companies. We must emphasize on the size & relevant profile of the teams within each market where ANCOR operates. For example, the team that works with projects in financial area, IT and telecom consists of more than 200 people in Russia alone.
  • ANCOR has its own offices in 9 countries. In Russia, our offices operate in more than 45 cities, which allows us to deal with any amount of recruitment as quickly as possible.
  • We guarantee replacing staff in case they do not pass probation.

Examples of implemented projects:

  • CFO
  • Marketing director
  • Director of the Legal Department
  • Director of HR / HRBP
  • Logistics Director
  • Art Director
  • Marketing managers / Designers
  • Sales and services automation manager
  • Chief Accountant
  • Commercial Director
  • Director of Representation
  • Director of State Segment
  • Head of B2G
  • Sales Director
  • Partner Managing Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Head of Strategic Clients
  • Business Development Manager
  • CEO
  • Commercial Director
  • Macro-region Director
  • Technical director
  • IT Professionals (programmers, analysts, testers, IT managers, system administrators, designers, engineers)
  • Java developers SE, EE (middle, senior, team leader, architect)
  • Web Developers (Front, Back End) C#, .NET, MVC
  • Android/iOS developers
  • Development Project Managers, Portfolio Managers, Product managers
  • Developers: C / C++ / .NET / Java / JS / Android / iOS / Python / Database; QA manual and automated testing
  • System, application, DBA, monitoring systems, application services, integration solutions, DevOps/SRE Administrators
  • RND Specialists, Information Security

Capabilities (when the service is relevant)

  • Our recruitment service allows you to select a professional according to your specific requirements, taking into accountant personal qualities and motivation. We find people who will be perfect for your vacancy and will work with you for a long time.
  • We can help to hire multiple employees or select people as needed and we are able to work across the country and in all industries.
Total fee is usually a percentage of a candidate’s annual pre-tax income and depends on the various factors that are discussed when requested.
Victoria Sidyakina
Nestle Russia has been working with ANCOR for many years in the following areas: recruitment, talent identification, consultation of labor market trends and outplacement (support in further employment for laid off employees).
Victoria Sidyakina
Nestle Russia and Eurasia
Daria Lozinskaya
Our collaboration with ANCOR for outplacement services started in 2019, after IKEA announced new structure integration in Russia. We were developing supporting programs for laid off employees, helping them to go through transition, being psychologically comfortable and optimistically looking forward.
Daria Lozinskaya
Natalia Philippova
We have been collaborating with ANCOR for over 10 years during which all that time that I have been working for Henkel. Solving professional issues, I often had to use staff recruitment services. Further, with recruitment, additional services were needed such as staff administration of industrial site and sales department
Natalia Philippova
Henkel Rus
Vladimir Khimanyc
I have been working with ANCOR for a long time. I appreciate their focus on partnership and service quality.
Vladimir Khimanyc
персонала  Irina Bazhenova
We have been with ANCOR for many years. It is not an exaggeration to claim that ANCOR is our main and trustworthy partner in staff recruitment and outsourcing.
персонала Irina Bazhenova
BSH Household Appliances (BOSCH group company)
Natalia Grinko
I have been personally working with ANCOR for two years. We have been using the recruitment services.
Natalia Grinko
Vera Solomatina
Our company has been working with ANCOR for over 5 years. During this time ANCOR has established themselves as a trustworthy partner, including business support departments outsourcing.
Vera Solomatina
Konstantin Kostin
My collaboration with ANCOR started while I was working on my former job. Therefore, I have known this company for over 10 years.
Konstantin Kostin
Kinky Hair
Anatoly Tverdostupov
Our partnership with ANCOR started with outsourcing services since 2007. I would like to express my genuine gratitude for professionalism and attentive partners’ approach.
Anatoly Tverdostupov
Henkel, Perm branch
Dmitry Khalimov
ANCOR has been providing us with outsourcing services for over seven years.
Dmitry Khalimov
Denis Sudakov
We started our partnership with ANCOR from December 2020, and we right away liked ANCOR’s professional approach to the clients. We held several online meetings where we informed them who we are and the kind of employees we need. We spoke about required skills and expected experience from potential candidates.
Denis Sudakov
Our services
The search and selection of senior staff is a process where we select only the top candidates including C-level executives and niche specialists.
Project recruitment is a mass selection of candidates for typical positions that are standard for employers. Usually used to hire entry-level and blue collars personnel as well as qualified professionals.
Talent Mapping – is a professional consulting service aimed at collecting and analyzing labor market data in accordance with customer’s request.
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