Production & Warehouse

#Production & Warehouse

Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
Order assembly is a service that includes assembly, packaging, labeling and shipment preparation for our clients’ shipments. We offer a well-established business process that ensures high quality performance and compliance with all standards of labor safety.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
We perform loading and unloading services of packaged goods and materials, as well as moving goods through the warehouse: lifts and descents of goods from the storage site, placing them on a ramp or transport for shipment. Loading, unloading & moving are done both manually and with specialized equipment.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
We pack/unpack the customer’s goods, as well as identify defective goods.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
Sorting, processing and utilization of waste is a service that allows the customer to transfer a non-core business function to the provider and focus on main business tasks.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
Labelling is the applying of graphic or other marks and/or inscriptions provided by the customer on the object for it’s further identification.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
An inventory service is the counting (checking) of the remaining goods in the customer’s warehouse by comparing the actual data to the accounting data provided by the customer.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
Quality control service implemented by our specialists includes the measurement and quality control of the products produced in a certain time interval.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
We provide a service of transportation for the production materials, semi-processed goods or finished products.
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
We take the responsibility for the high-quality implementation of various service tasks of the custome
Production and Warehouse Outsourcing
Our specialists perform an agreed amount of work on customer’s production line efficiently.
Project recruitment is a mass selection of candidates for typical positions that are standard for employers. Usually used to hire entry-level and blue collars personnel as well as qualified professionals.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
MSP is project management, usually including supplier selection and management, request allocation, reporting and consolidated billing.
You have a need for additional specialists, the demand for which is likely to be temporary?
We commit ourselves to support our client completely and comprehensively in the organization of health, fire safety, electrical safety, civil defense and emergencies.
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