Temporary Resourcing in Moscow and allover Russia

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is search, selection and provision of personnel for temporary jobs to implement current and long-term plans of a client.

Within temporary recruitment we employ more than 15000 temps per year throughout the country. Our database of candidates is constantly updated. It helps us to select and provide staff with the necessary skills and in accordance with the client’s request. 

ANCOR’s advantages:

  • We find temporary workers to the project in a matter of hours – not less than 4 hours after signing the contract and receiving the application. 

  • Our clients have flexibility to adjust the number of temporary employees for the project. Depending on the client's needs, number of employees can vary on different days. 

  • We provide short- and long-term temps according to customer’s requirements (from 4 hours to 9 months).

When temporary staffing service is relevant:

  • You need to recruit additional specialists, the demand for which is likely to be temporary.

  • Your permanent employee is on a sick or annual leave.

  • You need specialists for a project, urgent order, seasonal or production peak, promo, event.

  • The search for a permanent employee is not going as quickly as required and the work must be done now.

ANCOR is to:

  • Conduct interviews and select those temporary associates, who meet your requirements.

  • Sign a contract with an employee in accordance with the law.

  • Provide any mandatory social guarantees.

  • Provide a replacement in case of unexpected dismissal of a person.

The most popular temporary jobs: 

  • secretary

  • receptionist

  • telephone operator

  • accounting department assistant

  • promoter

  • loader

  • courier

  • office assistant

  • warehouse worker

  • PC operator

  • salesroom consultant 

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Nestle Russia has been working with ANCOR for many years in the following areas: recruitment, talent identification, consultation of labor market trends and outplacement (support in further employment for laid off employees).
Victoria Sidyakina
Corporate Human Resources Director Nestle Russia and Eurasia
Our collaboration with ANCOR for outplacement services started in 2019, after IKEA announced new structure integration in Russia. We were developing supporting programs for laid off employees, helping them to go through transition, being psychologically comfortable and optimistically looking forward.
Daria Lozinskaya
Workplace Relations Manager IKEA
We have been collaborating with ANCOR for over 10 years during which all that time that I have been working for Henkel. Solving professional issues, I often had to use staff recruitment services. Further, with recruitment, additional services were needed such as staff administration of industrial site and sales department
Natalia Philippova
Talent Manager Europe / HR Business Partner Russia Henkel Rus
IT Outsourcing
ANCOR provides technical support for users and IT equipment infrastructure at the level of the first, second and third support lines, providing the service both on customer’s sites and remotely or with periodic visits.
IT Outsourcing
ANCOR’s comprehensive software development service includes professional executors search, development management, software testing & deployment, internal systems integration, user training, support and maintenance, business and system analysis.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
Merchandising outsourcing is a dedicated service and a professional team of ANCOR, that implements a set of measures to promote customer’s products.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
The telemarketing service (telephone counseling on the product) is a well-established, competent, consistent and effective communication with the consumer that guarantees informing consumer about the product, helps with sales and brand, trademark and product promotion.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
The event service (event marketing) includes the development and full implementation of projects aimed at promoting the products or services of our customers.
Other services
ANCOR provides comprehensive support to firms starting business from scratch in Russia.
BPO is transferring of non-core business functions and processes to an outside service provider. ANCOR provides a full range of BPO services with the possibility to outsource a single task or group of tasks which do not belong to the main priorities.
Industrial Outsourcing is transferring organization’s business processes like manufacturing, logistics and management of low-skilled and semi-skilled labor to a professional staffing firm. 
Outsourcing HR functions is the transfer of the administration and operating management of human resources function, calculation and payment of salaries, as well as the management of the client's infrastructure.
Administrative /Office support outsourcing is a single or ongoing service to support the work of our customers. It includes a full range of services in the field of search and recruitment, administrative outsourcing, business support and contractor management.
Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the transfer of recruitment activities to the provider in full or partly (in certain areas, categories of positions, stages of selection process).
Purchasing outsourcing is a transfer of procurement and supplier management activities to the provider.
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