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Executive Search: Unique Aspects of Senior Staff Hiring

Executive Search: Unique Aspects of Senior Staff Hiring

In some cases, simply meeting the requirements of our clients is not enough when it comes to executive search services. There are situations where our recruitment consultants must delve deeper into the vacancy, and sometimes even initiate a review of the client's business processes, in order to make the search for high-level professionals more efficient.

Our consultants interact with our clients on a daily basis, including General Managers, Business Owners, and Board Members. This ongoing dialogue provides them with a clear understanding of the specific requirements for recruiting in each industry. Through close networking, extensive candidate databases, and constant engagement with top executives, we are able to successfully fill even the most challenging positions through Executive Search.

About the Service

Executive Search involves the recruitment of senior staff, including C-level executives, board directors, senior managers, and niche specialists. Recruiters at ANCOR utilize their own headhunting tools and techniques, enabling them to quickly and effectively fill these top-level positions. With 5+ years of experience in personnel search and selection, our consultants are well-equipped to choose the best approach for candidates at any level. The fee for executive search is a percentage of the total annual income and is discussed individually.


  • We provide access to high-level managers. 

  • We build long-term, trusted relationships with C-level executives. 

  • We offer a personalized approach to both clients and candidates. 

  • We prioritize confidentiality. 

  • We support candidates during their on-boarding and adaptation period. 

  • We offer extended replacement terms. 

  • We have lower service fees compared to executive search agencies. 

Our company conducts thorough analysis of the company's requirements and conducts extensive market research to find exceptionally skilled professionals. Occasionally, the search parameters become quite challenging. Please find below some of our most notable success stories:

Case 1.
Task: Finding a suitable chief executive for a new branch in an international machinery company.

Background: the company engaged the services of an international executive search agency, but after three months, no suitable candidates were found, leading to disappointment.

Solution: ANCOR's recruitment consultant offered to present a maximum of five candidates from our database who would meet all the requirements of the position.

Result: After undergoing four rounds of interviews, one of the five candidates presented by ANCOR received a job offer. The entire process, from the initial meeting with the HR director to the candidate's first day of work, spanned 10 months, which included a four-month period of lockdown and negotiations suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Case 2.
Task: The client reached out to ANCOR with an urgent need of Operating Officer with direct subordination to the business owner.

!NB: The client had previously struggled to find suitable candidates for this role, with three unsuccessful hires in the past year.

Solution: In order to address this challenge, we held two meetings with the client to thoroughly understand their business tasks. Through these discussions, we discovered that the Operating Officer was historically responsible for handling tasks related to commercial, HR, and finance departments. This made the search for suitable candidates more difficult.

Result: we proposed to the client that they revise the job functions and the structure of their operations management. Following a review of the job description, we were able to present the client with a pool of candidates who were more aligned with their needs. Ultimately, one of these candidates was offered and accepted the job.

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