Questionnaires and tests for personnel skill assessment


Employee assessment is a performance appraisal or review used to evaluate employees' performance and productivity. This procedure is aimed to assess personality, aptitude and skills. Employee skill assessments can provide the management with consistent, in-depth and objective information about the personnel.

ANCOR's consultants are experienced in conducting assessments from pre-employment cognitive testing and work-style evaluations to those that can assist in team-building and providing feedback to executives.

We provide the following employee assessment services:

  • Assessment Centre, Development Centre
  • Individual assessment of employees and candidates
  • Team assessment
  • 360-degree assessment
  • Tests and questionnaires

Assessment Centre and Development Centre include cases, tests, questionnaires, group and individual exercises and interviews. As a result, the customer receives the most complete and reliable forecast of the professional success of candidates for the vacancy or already working employees. Such methods of assessing personnel and candidates are most relevant when the customer needs to make a hiring decision after the expiration of the probationary period, conduct a current assessment of the effectiveness of specialists, form a talent pool, identify a candidate for leadership.

360-degree employee assessment is a methodology that involves receiving feedback from employment environment. This approach allows to identify the strengths, limitations and areas of development of the employee. 

Advantages of the 360-degree assessment:

  • Gives a comprehensive assessment
  • Promotes trust, increases the value of feedback
  • Contributes to the corporate identity

Tests and questionnaires help to assess respondent’s abilities, personal attributes and motivational factors etc.

Our experts use the following tests: 

  • Professional competencies tests. Allow to examine professional skills of employees. Work best for intellectual workers: lawyers, economists, accountants, cashiers etc.;   

  • Ability tests determine how quickly and efficiently a person copes with analysis of textual, numerical and graphic information, intellectual development level, speed of reaction and cognitive thinking, decision making in stressful environment;

  • Customer service skills test. Determines the natural inclination of the participant to customer service and the provision of service. Works best for sales specialists, customer relations associates, key account managers, receptionists, call-centers, waiters, maids etc.;

  • Reliability test. Determines a person's tendency to irrational behaviour at work: violation of norms and rules, safety violations, fraud, cheating etc.;

  • Motivation questionnaire. Determines employees' motivation, identifies the factors that have the greatest impact on performance and drives to work beyond expectations.

ANCOR’s employee assessment benefits:

  • Identifying people most likely to succeed in a job
  • Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover
  • Increasing sales performance and customer loyalty
  • Enabling strategic workforce management
  • Increasing workforce capability, productivity, and agility

ANCOR’s employee assessment helps leaders and managers to make smarter employment decisions. 

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