Вакансия Руководитель отдела по контролю затрат/Cost Section Manager в городе Тула
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Руководитель отдела по контролю затрат/Cost Section Manager


  • Budget management: the company’s overall budget management project is promoted, comprehensive budget management is carried out. And the company’s annual profit target is calculated based on the annual budget  
  • Cost unit management: organize workshops/ departments to identify production line cost units, and carry out cost maintenance and improvement work in conjunction with cost units, cost unit supports budgeting and cost forecasting  
  • Cost management: calculate the single-unit manufacturing cost of each workshop/department to achieve the result, organize each department to analyze and improve, organize a company-level cost meeting; forecast the manufacturing cost under different production modes  
  • Financial latitude performance management: set cost indicators for each department to ensure the achievement of company performance indicators  Internal loss cost management: establish and improve the internal loss cost data statistical process, and organize and promote each workshop/department to analyze and improve process losses  
  • Material management: promote the standardization of material management and accounting, conduct monthly inventory to ensure consistency of accounts, organize various departments to carry out input-output accounting, and manage abnormal inventory (such as sluggish materials)   
  • Asset management: establish and improve the fixed asset management process, establish a mechanism, promote the supervision, evaluation, problem rectification and horizontal development of the asset management process, plant and organize various departments to conduct impairment assessment tests on assets with signs of impairment, promote the inventory of fixed assets, and ensure assets. The physical information is consistent with the book information   
  • Investment management:  formulate company-level investment management norms/systems, plan and organize company-level medium and long-term investment plans, the preparation of annual investment plans and review the necessity of projects, and monitor risks  
  • Sap system management: maintain the SAP system information to ensure the timeless and accuracy of the SAP system information; check the SAP system checkout data in advance every month to avoid data anomalies, and analyze the difference between the company’s actual cost and standard cost and implement control

Experience requirements:

  • Work experience in conveyor-type production companies  
  • Team management experience  
  • English is not lower than Upper-Intermediate (matrix subordination to a foreigner)  
  • Work experience in SAP

What we offer:

  • Office in Tula region
  • Payment system: salary + monthly bonus
  • Relocation package (for nonresidents), VMI (after the trial period)
  • Registration in the staff of the company

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