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Head of E-commerce

We are Europe's largest retailers and good producer with more than 1100 stores worldwide. 70 000 employees are working everyday for the permanent improvement of our users satisfaction. Our E-commerce supply project manager will be responsible for implementing, organizing and automatizing reclamations work with delivery companies. This mission implies a permanent interface between e-commerce, customer support and logistic teams.

Key responsibilities

  • Re-think current approach and define more sharp KPIs
  • Assign clear KPIs respective team members
  • Improve measurement, reporting and BI systems
  • Define specific vision and roadmaps in areas of assortment and promo in line with business vision
  • Together with pricing team develop a portfolio approach to pricing (ecom/offline) keeping in mind latest trends and customer behaviour changes
  • Establish proper BI/reporting system to analyse efficiency of decisions
  • Develop clear KPIs for each product line (website, app, B2B products)
  • Enable better, structured approach to products development together with IT based on backlog prioritization
  • Co-lead a plan of optimizing IT solutions to improve conversion/SPV and to drive sales
  • Improve process of fulfillment (replenishment, picking, transport, routing) together with partners based on best practices and design thinking.


  • Customer journey mapping and deriving specific insights/decisions to improve customer experience
  • Expertise in digital and performance marketing tools/channels, cohorts analysis and optimization
  • Experience and track record of implementation of personalization tools, data driven marketing and communication
  • Strong leadership skills, along with excellent communication skills are essential due to the need to liaise with both internal and external stakeholders within the business.


  • Ability to absorb information; can correctly classify large amount of information and recognizes the essential.
  • Ability to understand and implement strategies and concepts, to think in term of the whole by making connections between facts/ideas.
  • Introduces structure to an unstructured situation, adapts quickly to new ideas and topics with a good instinct for opportunities and risks.
  • Strong coaching ability; enjoys to motivate and develop people.
  • Demonstrates power of persuasion, obtains attention through argumentation, not position and overcomes resistance by keeping the employees/pairs informed and involved.
  • Ability to align people to changes and new strategies.
  • Has an “out of the box” way of thinking (open for change, innovative), challenges the status quo, detaches himself from the current situation and thinks the company way into the future.
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