Вакансия Tech Engineer (AD) в городе Москва
Код вакансии: 6163e69b0c6c6100113d18fa

Tech Engineer (AD)

Role Purpose:  

Tech Engineer is responsible for designing, evaluating, planning, developing, integrating, testing, deploying and supporting technical solutions. 

These solutions leverage both the re-use of existing and new technologies while driving towards common global solutions. 

Tech Engineer is responsible for working with production team to provide a stable and secure environment that ensures production stability, supportability and performance.   

Key Responsibilities:  

* Translating business demand into appropriate technology solutions  

* Produce solutions that are testable with the highest levels of automation possible  

* Understand constraints of engineering solutions in a regulated setting and ensure compliance with all bank and regulatory controls 

* Engineer solutions to be robust and reliable as to be fit for purpose   

Key Deliverables: 

* Robust, fit for purpose technical solutions that meet all bank and regulatory controls and architectural guidance   

Rank level description:  

Scope and complexity of role: Associate Directors act as experts in their area and usually work on products and/or processes of low to medium complexity. They may provide support to one manager or for a certain area or location. They prioritize their own time to meet agreed targets and objectives. They may also be involved in coordinating activities that extend beyond their own area of expertise. They deal with client groups of low to medium complexity.  

Autonomy: Associate Directors execute their own duties independently; however, with some supervision and oversight.  

Organizational impact: Associate Directors proactively contribute to changes in processes and procedures and to continuous productivity gains that impact their team and areas beyond.  

Technical skills description 


* C++ :Advanced C++; GNU Make; Boost; ACE; QuickFIX 

* Java: Advanced Enterprise Java, JDK 1.8+; Apache Camel; Spring Framework, Spring Boot; Hibernate; Maven; JMS; JMX; Junit 

* Linux: Bash scripting 

* Git: Branching strategies; GitLab pipelines 

* Messaging platforms: MQ, Tibco EMS *

 Database: Oracle PL/SQL; Oracle stored procedures 

* Other: Principles of cryptography, PKI; Knowledge of MOEX platforms: ASTS, Spectra, FIX/FAST protocols; SDLC Plus:  

* Docker; Puppet; Ansible; ArchiMate

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