ANCOR Financial Results for 2020. Revenue growth
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ANCOR’s Revenue Grew in 2020. Annual Results. Market Research

ANCOR’s Revenue Grew in 2020. Annual Results. Market Research
Financial results for the past period were announced. The revenue of ANCOR international staffing group in 2020 grew up to 297 million dollars compared to 275 million dollars in 2019.

Despite of the difficult market the revenue increase was more than 16%, although on average in the industry worldwide companies were more likely to show a fall of 15% and more, which was mainly impacted by the pandemic. The current crisis is not the first for ANCOR in Russia, that is why a successful anti-crisis strategy had already been developed and enabled us to finish the year in a favorable position. According to Sergey Salikov, the CEO of ANCOR Group, there is a strong need for new efficiencies, new products and new clients in order to withstand the crisis.

“The experience of self-isolation has proved that  partially remote work is effective for our company, we will keep it as the main operational mode, - says Sergey Salikov. – This will be an opportunity for us to give up part of the office space and redirect the funds to further digitalization and development of the business units.”

During coronacrisis the business of the group of companies was growing actively. International companies had been traditionally the main clients of ANCOR. Today, ANCOR has about the same number of the Russian and International clients. «Such industries as aviation and shipbuilding, agribusiness, medicine received the state support and have a significant number of jobs. Development of ANCOR’s client portfolio in these industries has allowed the company not only to maintain but also to increase recruitment volumes, - Sergey comments. - The outsourcing service has also brought a significant share of revenue. Most of our industrial clients did not stop their production and felt the need to attract specialists. So our services have been in demand all this time.”

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