Outsourced payroll accounting in Moscow and allover Russia

Payroll Outsourcing Service

An employee payroll service is a full or partial transfer of payroll accounting and payroll-related reporting to a specialized accounting provider.

Structure of outsourced payroll solutions:

  • Calculation of salaries, compensations and other expenses
  • Calculation of accruals and deductions of any type
  • Calculation of taxes, insurance fees, state subsidies
  • Payment of person income tax, contributions to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and Social Insurance Fund
  • Preparation of payslips and certificates for personnel
  • Submission of reports of all types at the end of the reporting period to the statistical, tax authorities and employment centers
  • Participation in communication with regulatory authorities in case of addressed claims
  • Consulting and legal support

We will make an integration with your accounting systems or offer one of our own solutions with settings specifically designed for your business processes.

Cost of outsourcing payroll

Outsourced payroll costs are calculated based on the following factors:
  • Number of employees, legal entities and separate subdivisions
  • Frequency of salaries and advance payments
  • Composition of social package

When is it relevant to outsource payroll?

  • There is a need to reduce the cost of accounting
  • Lack of own resources to calculate and accrue advances and salaries to employees
  • Lack of knowledge on the correct submission of reports to the authorities, as well as on the calculation and payment of payroll taxes
  • Lack of resources to keep track of the latest changes in the labor legislation

Why do people trust us?

  • Safety of employee’s personal data is built in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 27001
  • 25+ years of providing professional services in payroll, personnel administration and accounting
  • 5+ years of experience in payroll accounting of our employees
  • Financial responsibility for the process
  • Individual approach to task solutions
  • Experience in servicing companies of any size from various sectors of the economy

Outsourcing HR functions is the transfer of the administration and operating management of human resources function, calculation and payment of salaries, as well as the management of the client's infrastructure.
IT Outsourcing
ANCOR provides technical support for users and IT equipment infrastructure at the level of the first, second and third support lines, providing the service both on customer’s sites and remotely or with periodic visits.
Administrative /Office support outsourcing is a single or ongoing service to support the work of our customers. It includes a full range of services in the field of search and recruitment, administrative outsourcing, business support and contractor management.
Trade Marketing Outsourcing
The event service (event marketing) includes the development and full implementation of projects aimed at promoting the products or services of our customers.
Other services
Accounting Outsourcing
Outsourcing of HR record is a full or partial maintenance of HR administration functions by a provider specializing in accounting services.
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