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Employer Brand Perception Research The Talentist

Employer Brand Perception Research The Talentist
Employer brand perception research The Talentist, powerd by ANCOR and the presedential platform “Russia - the country of opportunities”, covered almost 600 of the largest companies in Russia by number of employees. Their attractiveness was assessed by more than 20000 people.

Each respondent was asked to evaluate 30 companies randomly shown from a list. The participants had to mark the employers they were familiar with to understand the level of their recognition and then rate their desire to work for the company to assess the attractiveness of the HR brand. Each brand was shown to 1000 survey participants.

Rating of the most attractive employers in Russia was formed based on the results of the survey. The rating included all employers with the awareness of 10% or higher. The answer to the question about the desire to work for the company determined its attractiveness as an employer and its final place in the rating.

Key criteria for choosing an employer

The key criteria when choosing an employer are attractive salary (81%), financial stability (75%), long-term job security (65%), pleasant work atmosphere (60%) and interesting job content (55%).

The survey results showed significant differences between the priorities among representatives of different age groups:
  • For the older generation (45 years and older) the main criteria is financial stability;
  • For people aged 25-44, work-life balance is a priority;
  • Career opportunities, flexible working conditions and training opportunities are more important for young people (14-24 years old).

Reasons for changing jobs

The top reasons for changing jobs in the past year are:
  • Low salary and compensation level (40%);
  • Dissatisfaction with salary (32%);
  • Lack of career opportunities (24%);
  • Dissatisfaction with company management (24%);
  • Excessive workload (23%).
According to the survey, the reasons for changing jobs also depend on gender and age. Women are more likely to change jobs because they are not satisfied with work tasks and have excessive workload. Young people (18-24 years old) are more likely than other age groups to change jobs because of inappropriate working schedules, uninteresting tasks and poor relations with the manager.

Employer support

Employer support plays an important role in staff retention. 69% of respondents mentioned this need, while 31% prefer to cope with difficulties on their own. Among those who expect support from the company 34% would like to be able to choose a convenient work schedule, 32% - to have access to medical services, 21% - to receive assistance in renting or purchasing housing, 19% - in sports, 18% - assistance in retraining, 18% - more information about the company's plans, 10% - consultations with a psychologist, 9% - assistance in childcare, 7% - consultations with a lawyer.

Preferred places of work

One third of respondents would prefer to have their own business, while every fifth would like to work in a commercial company with Russian capital or state participation.

The survey showed that job seekers prefer to work in small companies. More than half of the respondents (54%) would like to work in companies with fewer than 1000 employees.

Job search channels

In terms of job search channels, traditional methods and well-known resources are the leading ones. The top 5 job search channels are: job portals and job boards (57%), personal contacts and recommendations (45%), Internet search (41%), social networks (23%), state employment services (20%).

People check the reputation of employers most often through review sites (47%), general Internet search (39%), through job portals (30%), turn to the opinion of friends and family (30%), turn to former employees (25%).
Vision of the labor market

About a third of respondents assess the current situation on the labor market as stable (35%) and the same number as alarming (34%). Positive assessment of the labor market condition was given by 13% of respondents.

A quarter (24%) of respondents said that in the current situation it is easy for young people to build a career, compared to 35% of respondents who hold the opposite view. People aged 18-34 and residents of Moscow and the Moscow region were more likely to say that it is very difficult for young people to build a career.

The most attractive industries to work in

The rating of the attractiveness of industries for work was formed on the basis of awarness and attractiveness of companies assessed in these industries. The most attractive market sectors with the best-known employers were Oil&Gaz, Energy and Consumer goods. The category of attractive economy sectors, but with less well-known players, included Machine building, Mining and processing, Construction and Real Estate. Known but less attractive were IT and communications, Transportation, Financial services and Retail. In the category of not attractive and not very well-known areas were included Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture and HoReCa.
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