Вакансия Sales Manager (modern trade) в городе Москва
Код вакансии: 61a4d04121b5620012b76336

Sales Manager (modern trade)

  • Market research and determine the potential strategic customers of the Company. 
  • Based on company plan, makes planning of sales volume and target indicators for developing the database of active customers. 
  • Contacts and visits customer in a weekly base. 
  • In accordance with the schedule (and, if necessary, outside the schedule) he regularly calls and personally visits existing and potential customers, conducts all necessary negotiations with them about the terms of sale of the goods and the procedure for settlements. 
  • Organizes preparation and concludes contracts with new customers, upon necessity renewal contracts with existing customers. 
  • In the manner established by the company, implements a set of measures to verify the reliability and creditworthiness of customers. 
  • Personally, accepts orders of all key customers, performs technical work (entering orders into a computer) and transfers to company employees. 
  • If necessary, advises the customer on the optimal preparation of the order, based on the specifics of the business of the client and the strategic focus of the company on long-term cooperation with this key customer. 
  • Under the conditions set in clause 3.8, and also taking into account the quality of the client’s existing debt and his credit history, he strives for the maximum order size not only in volume, but also in assortment. 
  • Based on current available rules and standards of the company, determines the amount of discount (price list column). In case of non-standard situation consults with a general director of the company. 
  • Carries out merchandising.
  • Keeps records of the execution of orders and settlements with customers. Analyzes cases of returns and failures. Takes measures to prevent similar cases in the future. 
  • Conducts training of customer personnel in methods of increasing the efficiency of sales of company goods. 
  • Provides timely and full return of receivables of customers. Takes all possible measures for the immediate and full collection of overdue receivables. 
  • If necessary, and in accordance with the rules adopted by the enterprise, participates in the preparation of acts and other documents for shortage, re-grading, etc. 
  • Keeps a sales history for each client, and also collects and systematizes all available information about existing and potential customers in market segment, their needs, and prospects for developing trade relations with them.

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