Международная программа для выпускников в "БАТ Россия"
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Production & Supply Chain, БАТ Россия

Location: Moscow, St. Petersburg

What is Global Graduate Programme in BAT Operations?

  • 18 months of fast-track development programme within our global organization for future managers;
  • Training programs to develop your leadership potential and professional skills;
  • Familiarity and immersion in the work of key departments of the company (in accordance with the chosen direction) and involving in different business-projects;
  • Support of personal coach from company management and line managers;
  • «BAT Academy» in Great Britain with graduates from other countries;
  • Position of the Manager at St. Petersburg Factory at the end of the programme

During the programme will be assigned with business projects in the following departments:

  • New Product Launches - meeting Marketing needs with Operations capabilities to introduce new products;
  • Logistics - planning and moving raw materials to the factory and finished goods to the warehouses;
  • Procurement - focusing on smart spending and mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • Quality Assurance - product & supply chain quality management;
  • Make - manufacturing focusing on continuous improvement of effectiveness.

We offer:

  • Full time work (40h per week);
  • Competitive salary + review (twice in a year);
  • Social insurance (medical insurance, life insurance, pension plan);
  • Compensation benefits for relocation.

Essential requirements:

  • University degree (3 years max after graduation);
  • Both Russian and English - fluent;
  • Driven and ambitious, inspiring and engaging individual;
  • Innovative thinking;
  • Ready for relocation.
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