Randstad Employer Brand Research Event. Russia 2021
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Randstad Employer Brand Research Event. Russia 2021

2020 accelerated the changes, which we always thought to be in the future. And now we are living in the new world of policy, economy and society.

And, of course, the world of work has changed, the way people look at work and its place in life, and at the process itself - like where, when and how much work. New vision came to people on both sides of the barrier - applicants and employees, as well as business leaders and professionals in HR management.

Welcome to a new World and ANCOR Live


14:00-14:15 Introduction.

14:15-15:00 Session «New World of Labor»

  • Presentation of the Randstad Employer Brand Research in Russia, 2021: EVP Drivers

  • EVP answer to those, who look for career progression and self-realization. Discussion

  • Global Trends: changes in the world of work, jobs, careers and employment. How to strengthen an employer brand. Speech

15:00-15:50 Session «New World of Employer Branding»

  • Presentation of the Randstad Employer Brand Research in Russia, 2021: changing employer

  • EVP answer to those who look for work and earnings. Discussion

  • Employer brand transformation: goals, senses, space, target groups. Speech

15:50-16:30 Session «New World of HR»

  • Randstad Employer Brand Research dashboard presentation.

  • ANCOR blitz results

  • HR of the future. New role, competencies, responsibility and power. Speech

And the announcement of the Randstad Award winners - the most attractive employers in Russia in 2021 based on the Randstad Employer Brand Research results.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is a representative employer brand research based on perceptions of the general audience. Optimizing over 20 years of successful employer branding insights.

This independent survey, made by Kantar research company for Randstad, involves nearly 185,000 respondents in 33 markets worldwide and is a reflection of employer attractiveness for the market’s largest employers known by at least 10% of the population. The data provides valuable insights to help employers shape their employer brand.

Since 2013, ANCOR, as a strategic partner of Randstad, leads the project in Russia.

Happy to meet you at the Randstad Employer Brand Research Event Live!

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